A Short History of Wortley Golf Club

The image above shows our clubhouse that first opened in November 1911 at a cost of ¬£1500 to our membership after converting what was previously used as a hunting lodge. Before conversion, the hunting lodge had 8 bedrooms, 4 of which were double rooms, providing an excellent venue throughout the year. In today's terms the amount spent is the equivalent of around ¬£125,000. A visit today will show how the clubhouse has changed from this picture over time.

The Golf Course

Golf started on the land where our course exists today with thanks to the Wortley family and friends. A 9 hole course was developed on what had previously been Lane Royd's Deer Park. The park is thought to have been originally laid out around 1800 when James Archibald Stuart Wortley II, first Baron of Wharncliffe married and settled in Wortley.

A club was formed in 1894 after the increasing popularity of the game amongst professional people in the area's wealthy families. When the clubhouse was built in 1911 the course was extended to a testing 18 holes and it was not long before Wortley Golf Club gained a reputation for fast and undulating greens. There was great pride locally for a classic golf course in a predominantly rural, pastoral environment. An oasis of peace away from a busy world.

It is believed in the absence of any categorical proof that the Harry Colt Association is responsible for the design of our 18 Hole course. Colt was also responsible for designing nearby Hallamshire Golf Club in 1912 and Woodsome Hall in 1922.

There was every chance you would find Francis John, the 2nd Earl of Wharncliffe and founding President of the Golf Club, teeing off with affluent friends. This whilst Archibald Ralph, Francis John's eventual successor strolls with spaniel at heel out of the dense woodland that borders the course with a shooting party on a crisp Saturday morning. Over the years, Wortley has maintained traditions and these historic sporting pursuits alongside a local syndicate that to this day shoot wild game and pheasant. You will find portraits of the first three Earl Presidents hanging in our Clubhouse.

Changes to the course have naturally happened over time. Immediately following the Second World War, the course was acquisitioned and subjected to open cast mining of coal. Whilst we have been unable to determine exactly where this took place, we are certain it was carried out within our current 14th and 15th holes.

Our Relationship with Sheringham Golf Club

Colonel Hemmings, Wortley Golf Club Captain in 1951, is known to have commanded anti-aircraft defences in East Anglia during the Second World War. One Day, following a round of golf at Wortley he and his chums suggested they planned a weekend away to play golf. Colonel Hemmings knew of the perfect place from his time in East Anglia.

That place was Sheringham Golf Club and since the Colonel's first organised trip there in 1949, an annual fixture has taken place in many guises. It wasn't until 1978 under the captaincy of Harry Broadbent that matches between Sheringham & Wortley Members began. Home and Away fixtures are organised with Sheringham each year and led by the incumbent Club Captains in the same tradition to this day.

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